2 of Regulation 6 of the work at Height of 2005 states:. Where work performed at height, every employer shall take suitable and sufficient measures to prevent, so far as is reasonably practicable, any person falling a distance liable to cause personal injury. ‘ click to see here here .

Notes1 Regulation 4 of the Work at Height of 2005 states: Every employer shall provide that. At at height is properly planned assured, adequately cared for and performed in a manner that is as far as reasonably practicable, safe .


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Research match is an of national offers provide an available meeting place for – through the Web – where volunteers to a research projects can be coordinated, and clinical trials for which they may to qualify. For people in North Texas, access to clinical trials access to clinical trials close to home at UT Southwestern and out our partner institutions, and potential access to study on the country, said Dr. Milton Packer, chairman of the clinical sciences at UT Southwestern. This initiative offers volunteers an accessible opportunity to assist with medical research , and an influence on the future of their communities and the world. .