The study involved a sample of 200 patients with heart disease.


The study involved a sample of 200 patients with heart disease, the members of the Association of cardiac patients from Granada, Spain were. The into two groups: the intervention group participated in a cardiac rehabilitation program of the association mentioned conducted while the second group was excluded from the rehabilitation program. Both groups received a clinical functional examination and answered a study on risk with with their heart disease.

The authors of this study confirm that it is important that the heart should be established rehabilitation of cardiac patients. Spain participate in a small %age of heart patients in this type of program, as compared to the rest of Europe.. Patientssitive effects of cardiac rehabilitation programshas carried out research at the University of Granada, the efficiency of a heart rehabilitation program in patients with heart disease is demonstrated. Continue reading “The study involved a sample of 200 patients with heart disease.”

Are on the FDA review


Are on the FDA review, the agency agrees that the design and planned analysis of SciClone required to sufficiently study the goals are an application for authorization an application for authorization. Patients with stage IV melanoma have very few treatment options available Based on the positive data from an earlier Phase 2 trial, thymalfasin could lead to new treatment options for this unmet medical need, provide, said Israel Rios, SciClone the Chief Medical Officer . the FDA’s acceptance of of our Phase 3 protocol for thymalfasin for the treatment of stage IV melanoma is the most advanced form of skin cancer, a critical step in the development of this clinical program. We are now able to chart the best course for the future can bring this on include a development partner. .

SciClone Pharmaceuticals,SciClone Pharmaceuticals, Inc.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA an agreement on the an agreement on the design of of a Phase 3 registration trial for thymalfasin as a potential treatment for stage IV melanoma. Continue reading “Are on the FDA review”

872Of Blood Bank Affects Cardiac Surgery SuccessA new U.


2,872Of Blood Bank Affects Cardiac Surgery SuccessA new U.S. Study found that cardiac surgical patients receiving blood transfusions from blood or less stored for 2 weeks or less , received lower complications and death were as blood blood was older.

They found that the patients who were given older blood at higher risk of dying in the hospital than their newer counterparts blood had, and they were significantly more likely to require prolonged ventilation support must renal failure, sepsis , or multiple organ failure. Storage andhe Cleveland Clinic researchers also discovered a direct dose-response relationship between days of storage, and the odds of a combination of severe complications or side effects. After eliminating the potential confounders, an analysis showed that patients who received older blood had received a significantly higher rate of combined serious adverse events than those newer blood. Continue reading “872Of Blood Bank Affects Cardiac Surgery SuccessA new U.”