Dr. Transplant can demonstrate in the elimination of many life-threatening pressure ulcers SuccessfulThe Plastic Surgery Center today announced that an innovative nerve graft performed transplant by Dr follow us here more info . Andrew Elkwood has proven successful in treating and preventing posterior pressure ulcers – a of the leading causes of mortality among paraplegics. 49-year old Tory Cavalieri , who underwent the procedure last January regained feeling in his back and is free of acute pressure points, which left him bedridden years had. – ‘We are absolutely delighted Torys results and the incredible implications for the wheelchair-bound community as a whole,’said Dr. Elkwood. ‘The success of this process can be life-changing for tens of thousands of people around the world whose lives acute posterior acute posterior wounds. ‘. Source?.Universit de Montr?

Trials on the effects of smoking in public places constraints focuses cardiovascular events in particular heart attack. If any, studies hospitalization of respiratory diseases related to the implementation of legislation for smoke-free policies who been studied.


Tobacco is the leading cause of preventable disease and death in the world. Second hand smoke the third most common cause of preventable poor health and premature death of in the developing world.