The study, a dose-finding, open-label, cross-over study to assess the effect of NES/E2 transdermal gel delivery on ovulation suppression in normal ovulating women ‘s rate. Eighteen women participated in the study, which will be held in ,, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, Los Angeles, California, and Santiago, and active treatment an active treatment in October 2009. more info

About ATD gel technology – is a hydroalcoholic gel technology ATD transdermal gel containing less than 50 % of ethanol, and a mixture of penetration enhancers patented. The matrix including Nestorone and bio-identical estradiol is designed to simultaneously both drugs across the skin in a controlled and sustained manner over a period of 24 hours and result in therapeutic plasma levels. The gel is crystal clear and cosmetically appealing, and dries quickly after application to the abdomen, thighs, arms, shoulders, leaving no residue. Due to the low ethanol content, the gel is minimally irritating, as by a similar FDA-approved formulation using ATD Gel Technology ELESTRIN demonstrated.

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Kansas Gov. Kathleen Sebelius , President Obama choice HHS secretary, ‘was sailing ‘a Senate Finance Committee hearing at confirmation of Thursday, but the Senate no probably accept the nomination until later in that month, insurance companies of objections an immediate vote by several Republican Member, that New York Times reported ‘larded ‘. In response to a question by committee chairpersons Max Baucus . ‘She also the panel is, There grant from Republican lawmakers that could a national public Insurance Boat not a negative impact on that Health Market were correct. ‘It be no destroyed on the market, is have does not flipped the playing field. It all the way to structure is defined, ‘said Sebelius (Wall Street Journal.

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The editorial staff emphasizes the inequalities between of Tamil dominated northeast of Sri Lanka and to the rest of the country there is citing an reporting* of the Tamil Information center the shows, among other higher maternal and infant mortality in the Northeast. Must use all their collective power in order to government and the Liberation Tigers of of Tamil Eezham Press to to a peaceful political solution that to end up in Asian ‘s longest-running civil war, and to found its disastrous effects on health. .