In 2008, 3 – validated studies from the MD Anderson Cancer Center , that high Genomic Grade index was predictive of benefit from chemotherapy .. About MapQuant Dx Genomic GradeClinical ValidationMapQuant Dx Genomic Grade measures the Genomic Grade Index, a gene expression index discovered oncology researcher at the Bordet Institute and ISREC , two leading European cancer research institutes. In their seminal paper in 2006 in the Journal of the National Cancer Institute , Pr published. Sotiriou & colleagues showed that the degrees measured today and since 1890 by histological examination of the breast tumor sections under the microscope could describe the proliferative capacity of 30 to 60 percent of the tumors.

MapQuant Dx Genomic Grade test directly measures the expression of 97 genes that best characterize high-grade vs. Low-quality tumors. This this Class 2 tumors into either grade 1 or Class 3 to solve tumors in 80 percent of cases.The article gives a primer to installing of advanced imaging to pharmaceutical and medical device research. It outlines the tremendous benefits these technologies for a clinical development program, as well the pitfalls which result can fail about an image forming degree to delivered.