About 20 % of ACP members involved in direct patient care are in solo practices. Are about 50 % in the practices of five or fewer physicians.

New Labour the New Labour health ministers waiting times waiting times He has promised to one day a week to focus on waiting times, but we still have too many patients? on a waiting list in Wales there are 290,217 on a waiting list, nearly a tenth of the population. There how the report in January identified by the Auditor General for Wales, there are a number of deficiencies in the waiting time initiatives of the Labour Assembly Government, and there are a number of risks associated with the Second Offer Scheme allocated He reported that the second offer acted acted ‘as a possible perverse incentive to avoid fighting outpatient waiting times because the wait for the numbers would increase for inpatient / outpatient treatment.’ ..The the new of publications have suitable for the use at health fairs, doctor’s offices, hospitals, schools and educational programs. Major contracts the new materials are available for purchase through the CAA store. Individual copies are available by contacting agency CAA patient navigator or chapter.