According to Dr. Thomas Cavalieri, founder of the New Jersey Institute for Successful Aging and the dean of UMDNJ – SOM, elderly people may be even more vulnerable to the dangers of summer weather more info . – Forty % of all heat-related death in people age 65 or over occur, noted Cavalieri. Many older people have medical conditions that increase the dangers of hot weather. Their bodies are adapted slowly they they may have reduced thirst reflex that keeps them from drinking adequate amounts of liquid have. Some individuals may have safety and financial concerns that keep them behind closed doors and windows without fans or air conditioners. .

– never leave children unattended in a parked car or near a pool or water for any amount of time – Remember that children dehydrate faster than adults Encourage. It to drink plenty of water in hot weather grape or apple juice is diluted with water is a good alternative to sports drinks.

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