AMD is a progressive disease that destroys central vision, driving, writing and recognizing faces difficult. There is no known cure for this disease, affects affects about 15 million Americans – a number that is expected to be ready to explode as ‘baby boomers ‘is their golden years.

A unique opportunity to Disease Control, Not Climate Changea study published today in the journal Nature doubts about the widespread notion that warming global temperatures will lead to a future intensification of malaria and expanding their global reach.Previous studies have connection between association between genetic mutations associated with protein aggregation and MND.. New research to of the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences released and under the guidance of scholars at Imperial College London, provides strong other genetic evidence showing that the disease is clot through proteins of is caused at motor neuron the cells to movement of the movement of the muscles. To show D proteins agglomeration in this way, such as protein famous known toxicity and ultimately it killing motoneurons.

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