Apart from medical applications, it is the availability of high-speed genome analysis of light on our species ‘ evolutionary history and the underlying mechanisms of evolutionary processes to shed. Since all evolution based on genetic changes, explains the human genome with that of chimpanzees or other more distant relatives, what changes occurred differed differed as people from their ancestors based We can now read and spell the genome at unprecedented speed and accuracy, and – for that reason – there is about about the information we collect . Professor Nordheim finally – While some scientists the the history of our species and others are working towards creating the future of humanity – not working in the accidental and arduous process of evolution, but in a rational and purposeful manner synthetic biology is the buzzword.

One of the most important recent developments in medical research is the possibility of stem cells through genetic reprogramming ordinary body cells, to generate skin cells, the resulting iPS cells. Induced pluripotent stem cells discussed the much-needed alternative to embryonic stem cells, their use is controversial and highly in the society in animal models have iPS cells their therapeutic usefulness their therapeutic usefulness. The team around Prof. Rudolf Jaenisch reported at the Whitehead Institute for Biomedical Research in Cambridge recently, that in a mouse model the iPS cells successfully corrected sickle cell anemia, a major blood disease..Purpose: An focus on the loss of jobs arthritis research was that relatively little meant is known of the number and scope of the job transitions people suffering from arthritis people with arthritis work remain. 25, hundred and about research utilizes longitudinal data on changes work by people with osteoarthritis and inflammatory arthritis was stay at deals to investigate.