Are on the FDA review, the agency agrees that the design and planned analysis of SciClone required to sufficiently study the goals are an application for authorization an application for authorization. Patients with stage IV melanoma have very few treatment options available Based on the positive data from an earlier Phase 2 trial, thymalfasin could lead to new treatment options for this unmet medical need, provide, said Israel Rios, SciClone the Chief Medical Officer . the FDA’s acceptance of of our Phase 3 protocol for thymalfasin for the treatment of stage IV melanoma is the most advanced form of skin cancer, a critical step in the development of this clinical program. We are now able to chart the best course for the future can bring this on include a development partner. .

SciClone Pharmaceuticals,SciClone Pharmaceuticals, Inc.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA an agreement on the an agreement on the design of of a Phase 3 registration trial for thymalfasin as a potential treatment for stage IV melanoma.

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