Because phages are very host – specific, they can offer unparalleled sensitivity and specificity for the targeted detection, identification and differentiation of bacteria in a given sample, said Dr. Lawrence Goodridge, an associate professor of Food Microbiology, Colorado State University. Food pathogen detection method using bacteriophage technology, food manufacturers can with the ability to give to detect bacterial pathogens in their products with unprecedented speed and reliability. This is critical to reducing the size and severity of food poisoning caused by the consumption of foods containing dangerous contaminated bacteria .

– Look for Red Cross volunteers in your church on 13th December. They stand for donations on the spot. What you can do with your neighbors. – Join the Red Cross to donate by clicking or call 1-800-REDCROSS . – Send contributions the Disaster Relief Fund to your local Red Cross or to the American Red Cross, PO Box 37243, Washington, DC 20013th – Use your cell phone to donate $ 5 to the American Red Cross Disaster Relief Fund via SMS the keyword ‘GIVE’ to ‘2HELP ‘(24.Sometimes unexpected results Is now an to the safety of date gene therapy strategies manifest itself in the tragedy of. In July of, for example, death a 36-year-old Illinois women on experimental gene therapy, where a engineered virus her knee her knee RA rheumatoid arthritis. The viruses used have been developed to suppressing the immune system only in the knee. In the case of RA the immune has thrown off balance and be responsible for the painful inflammatory characteristic of the disease. The U.S. FDA has put that trial on hold while the cause of death studied.

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