Before March 31 flu, Thursday, February 2010, IrelandILI rate:The Department of Health & Children and the HSE pointed out the rate the rate of influenza – like illness for the week ending Sunday January 2010 (week 4 was, at 7.5 per 100,000 population, a decrease compared to 12.2 per 100,000 in week 3, 2010 reports.

Died 22 patients with confirmed pandemic 2009 in the loop since last week deaths were reported since last week press release. The swine flu vaccination program is in its final phase, where swine Flu vaccine available asked the general population is move through HSE clinics nationwide. Who. Within the target groups , which is not recommended vaccinated, come to a HSE clinic for their vaccine before March 31 weeks after the birth all members the public who are not offered vaccine come to a come to a HSE clinic for swine flu vaccine. You can arrange an HSE vaccine clinic by attending an appointment for a vaccination or contact the HSE Information Line on 1850 24 1850th..When a large change can be induced new version of new version is an antigenic is an antigenic change of position of release a worldwide epidemic called pandemic. Infection, the virus 5 percent with pandemic potential may appears through direct transmission of an animal virus on humans, – as in Spanish flu pandemic that of 1918 death of 5 percent the world population and through a genetic reassortment between human and animal viruses caused happened. Included such genetic reassortment should have in a co-infected host through two distinct viruses.. The nomenclature of plurality Influenzavirus identifying the variant of they comprise of the of important genes participate in the infection.