This arm assessed the ability of the APTIMA HPV test for women who increased one risk were responsible for cervical cancer. Gen-Probe seeks the approval of the APTIMA HPV Assay on the corporate Web site run fully automated high-throughput Tigri instrument system. Approximately 200 TIGRIS systems are now testing of U.S. Clinical laboratories for chlamydia and gonorrhea, two common bacterial sexually transmitted disease.. Cheng also requires patients to learn more about the basics of heart surgery and recognize that surgeons series of decisions series of decisions in any case there are many ways to perform an operation, but different approaches results results. Gen-Probe announced pivotal trial as CLEAR trial, involved more than 13,000 women who validate themselves routine Pap testing at 19 U.S. Hospitals, the study included two arms clinical benefit.

They involve known and unknown risks, uncertainties and assumptions that could cause actual results, performance or achievements of the company those expressed those expressed or implied by forward -looking statements. Some of the risks, uncertainties and assumptions, cover could cause actual results to differ materially from estimates or projections forward-looking statements forward-looking statements include, but are not limited to: the risk that the APTIMA HPV assay approved for marketing approved for marketing in the timeframe we expect, or may never be approved, the possibility that can not additional studies of our APTIMA HPV assay to be low, the possibility that can not be the market for the sale of our APTIMA HPV assay developed as expected, the risk that we may not be able compete with other companies that sold already restart HPV diagnostic products or such products in the future, the risks associated with our dependence on a small number of contract customers equipment manufacturers created and single source suppliers of raw materials, might affect possible changes in third-party reimbursement policies regarding our products to sell such products, changes in governmental regulation, affect development costs, and litigation involving the assertion of third party patent rights could be expensive and draw the attention of management and / or damages or injunctive relief.In 2003, Boehringer Ingelheim posted net sales of 7.4 billion euro while expenditure more than one fifth of net revenues his largest business segment Prescription Medicines on research and development of. 4 Rudolf M. The reality of of drug use among COPD.