Cancer cells does not shut down when they are infected with this virus. Normal cells, on the other hand, shut down.You can read about this latest research in the journal Molecular Therapy.A virus is a good way to carry anticancer treatment even in a cell. A virus has the ability to go undetected in the cells. The problem for scientists has always been able to provide only the cancer cells and not the good ones.

With such good targeting, the scientists say it is much easier to have highly selective anti-cancer treatment.The scientists are planning to place a toxic gene in the virus so that the toxin can kill cancer cells. As the cancer make more copies of the virus anyway, not so many copies of the virus is first required for effective treatment.The European Molecular Biology Organisation bestowed the prize annually to a practitioner scientist in Europe for extraordinary communication to the public. The supplementary badge has been. Tautz at acknowledgment of long-term public communication activity of on one single organism with all available media.

Time now above 7 more than 35.000 which AACAP be which leading national medical association is dedicated of the treatment and improving quality of life of for their estimated 7 to 12,000 American adolescents below 18 years who suffer from emotional, behavioral, developmental disturbances and mental illness. The AACAP supported research, continuing medical education and access to high quality health care. Children and young people psychiatrists the only medical experts trained in particularly when treating mental disorders in children. For another information, please visit – the American Psychiatric Association is a national medical society, established in 1844, their more than 35,000 medical members are specialized in diagnosis, treatment and prevention of mental illnesses including substance use disorders.