Carter and colleagues also found that the reduction of 14 %, the risk of type 2 diabetes was independent of weight loss.They concluded However : Increasing daily intake of green leafy vegetables can significantly reduce the risk for type 2 diabetes and should be further investigated. .

In their discussion, the authors wrote they think that will help fruits and vegetables, prevent chronic diseases, because they are rich in antioxidants, and in the case of green leafy vegetables like spinach, the impact on reducing the risk of type-2 diabetes in particular comes from its higher content of magnesium. They emphasized that their results support the idea that eat and it is not the isolated constituents of foods, such as antioxidants that benefit health studies of dietary supplements is not strong evidence for the prevention of diseases is shown.Geoffrey Shapiro told are extremely selective drugs such crizotinib prone resistivity of tumors. Co – author Pasi Y? PhD studies browse the tumors had developed drug resistance and were excised. The survey that will be published in Cancer Research, a second mutation in ALK in the patient’s tumor, Daniel A. Resistance which crizotinib. Crizotinib into ALK – Rearranged Inflammatory myofibroblastic Tumour James E. Butrynski, David R. D’Adamo, Jason L. Hornick, Paola Dal Cin, Cristina R. Antonesco, Suresh C. Jhanwar, Marc Ladanyi, Marzia Capelletti, Scott J. Nikhil Ramaiya, Eunice L. Jeffrey W. Keith D. James G. Christensen, Robert G. George D. Demetri, and Geoffrey I. Shapiro, J Clin 2010; 363:1727-1733.