Cause and effect are not yet clear. From animal experiments from animal experiments that nicotine alters the development of the brain and leads to damage of the nerve cells, it can not be ruled out that the reduced thickness of the frontal cortex region of smoke case case of the participants in the study prior to they starting. Predisposition to is a genetic predisposition to nicotine dependence. Researchers hope that, in future studies, up smoking.e structure of the brain of smokers become normal again after they have given up smoking.

On the basis at PTB in Berlin and furnished high-resolution three-dimensional images of the brain structure. On the basis of these data, it could determine the thickness of the individual in the cortex Charit? using a special evaluation. A comparison of the two groups shows that in the case of smokers, the thickness of the medial orbitofrontal cortex is, on average, smaller than in the case of people who had never smoked. The thickness of this region decreased compared with the increase in daily consumption of cigarettes, and depending on how long in their lives the participants in the study were smokers..The research in the second issue in the second issue for July 2007, American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine from the American Thoracic Society.