Quick access to recently accepted manuscripts offer. , the critical mass of information available on ScienceDirect is unsurpassed. Coverage includes over 2,500 journals published. Approximately 7,000d dynamic linking to journals from approximately 2,000 STM publishers through CrossRef An expanding program of online major reference works, handbooks, book series and eBooks in all fields of science seamlessly with primary research referenced in journal articles.. Elsevier extensive and unique full-text collection of authoritative titles from the core scientific literature including high covering impact factor titles such as The Lancet, Cell and Tetrahedron Nearly nine million articles are available online, including Articles in Press which.

Inline reference Previewresearchers can now reference information when their cursor over a reference mark in the body of an article. The information includes links to the referenced articles . Researchers will be able to view or download the referenced paper immediately if they wish. Previously, reference information could only be seen at the foot of the article.About that Chemical ‘ Club of New YorkThe Chemists ‘ Club offer 1898 and provides networking opportunities for Member who are interested chemical, paper, pharmaceutical, metallic-, biotech shares and Sci – related industries. The chemists of the chemists ‘ club be ‘[t] o both a sense of community and is a collaborative Forums for management, entrepreneurs, academics and others affects with serving and growth of the science – related industries. ‘Its members include chemistry, chemical Owners, entrepreneurs, formulators, assurance Analyst, prosecutors, teachers and other professionals.

Over which Chemical Heritage FoundationFor more information, see The Chemical Heritage Foundation used the community of chemical and molecular sciences , and the wider public, sheltered which past, educating present, and inspiration the future of. CHF operates a world-class collection of materials that are, to history and heritage of chemical and molecular sciences, technologies and industries society supports and shall implement a program of outreach and interpretation so as to. Advance payment understanding the the role of chemical and molecular sciences, technologies, and industry in the design of society..