Chalfant joined the faculty of VCU began began at the VA Medical Center in 2003 , he was a member of ASBMB since 1999 and now serves as an editorial board member of the Journal of. Lipid Research.

His groundbreaking studies on the regulation of alternative splicing of Bcl-X and caspase-9 by ceramide a response to the long-sought role of ceramide in apoptosis His seminal discovery that ceramide-1 – phosphate is a direct. Allosteric regulator of cPLA2 has uncovered a novel function of this sphingolipid metabolite in regulating eicosanoid biosynthesis. These discoveries have already it established itself as a rising star in Lipid Research, VCU colleague Sarah Spiegel, of Chalfant for the award said nominations.Keep in mind that firework originally developed for war and to keeping destructive effect – respect, and has a safe and happy Fourth of July holiday!