Convention emphasizes harmony between man, Animal HealthIt’s hard headlines headlines these days, not the message loud and clear that affects human health directly from the health of the animals. Widespread salmonella infected wildlife or livestock and produce results in the poisoning of hundreds in the United States -. Millions of pounds of ground beef stores stores after dozens with with E click to follow . Coli illnesses. West Nile virus, spread from infected birds to humans by mosquitoes, continues his summer spread across the country.

– includes veterinarians and human doctors – to collect, New Orleans,rtance of cooperation in preventing outbreaks discuss One Health is a focus of this year’s AVMA Convention in New Orleans, July 19 to 22, where some of the nation’s leading health experts and controlling zoonoses.

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At Harvard School of Public Health (pursues the goal to public health through learning, discover and communication More than 400 members of the faculty in the doctrine and training the 1,000 – card in an in a wide range of disciplines snapped critical for. Health and well being of individuals and populations around the world programs and projects are from to the Molecular AIDS vaccines on the epidemiology of cancerous, of the risk analysis violence prevention, of maternal and the health of children the quality of care measurements, from of the health care managing international healthcare and of human rights for more information on the school, please visit:.

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