Previous studies have shown, that the best treatment STEMI STEMI reperfusion – if a patient blocked artery inflating a balloon inflating a balloon at the site of the blockage or by delivering clot – dissolving drugs, so that the restoration of blood flow to the heart muscle.. The most serious type of heart attack ST-segment elevation ST-segment elevation myocardial infarction . In a STEMI, critical arteries blocked the heart with blood.

The results show that:* Of the patients who were in the hospital within 1-2 hours after the onset of heart attack, 77 % received reperfusion therapy.* Of the patients who were hospitalized in two to three hours of onset of heart attack, 73 % received reperfusion therapy.Cheng also calls patient to find out more about the basis cardiac surgery and realize that surgeons are confronted with a series of decisions in any case There plenty of ways to perform surgery, but different approaches may have various results .