Cross-border Convenience Drives U.S. Women To Over-The – Counter Contraception In Mexico BuyAmerican women who live along the US-Mexico border frequently buy over-the-counter oral contraceptives of the Mexican pharmacies because they do not need a prescription and you can pick up a friend, pills pills, according to a study by researchers from two University of Texas campus and Ibis Reproductive Health.

Women are now oral contraceptives get a prescription to obtain oral contraceptives in the United States, but the high prevalence of unwanted pregnancy and mounting over the safety of such pills have led some to an over call – the-counter option.S., and it shows that appeal to a broad range of women. From the U.S. Sidehe study interviewed the researchers more than 1,000 El Paso women, about half of them received their birth control pills over the border in the Mexican pharmacies and half of that went to U.S. Clinics to get their pills.Being[ These] is the first the success into 3-D tissue engineering the principles on in vitro egg cell, ‘the researchers wrote in the magazine article.

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