James C. Anthony, Khachaturian, Stephanie V. Deborah Gustafson, JoAnn T. Tschanz, Maria C. Norton and John CS Breitner, the study co-author.

The researchers said that the use of vitamins E and C may offer protection against Alzheimer’s disease, in higher doses in higher doses in individual supplements. Moreover it may be a certain protective effect of vitamin E, if with the with the found lower doses of vitamin C in multivitamins. Zandi said, Further studies with randomized prevention trials before drawing firm conclusions about the protective effects of antioxidants is needed.To understand the role of detecting EGFR activating mutations of development of lung cancer, Dr. Gazdar and his colleagues have analyzes tissues of primary tumors from 519 patient the United States, Taiwan and Australia. Mutations of in DNA non-malignant lung tissues Many of the patients, and other separate cancerous tissues also examined. – in people lung cancer who have never compared smoker .

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