Dr Lesley Walker, Cancer Research UK ‘s director of cancer information, said: ‘Cancer treatment disrupts the quality of life of patients and their families for many weeks at a time so this increase positive result is positive result is fewer doses of radiation therapy, who do not side effects and provides the same benefits means less time in hospital and more. Time at home, it is important for the patients that we do so on the research work to fine-tune current treatment ‘.

upport the current use of shorter schedules in the UK and in other countries. .. To compare Shorter radiotherapy treatments in the UK for many years used with promising results, but this is the first systematic and reliable evaluation of more international treatment and the shorter revised UK treatment. , of course, of fewer sessions of radiotherapy in patients with early breast cancer mean fewer trips to the hospital for treatment, which in turn means less break in a daily routine. Reduce the number of trips to the hospital is also financially beneficial for the patients. The results provide new insights into breast cancer cells to treat radiotherapy damage to the DNA, suggesting how treatments could be further improved.Any statements are can be guaranteed and actual results could differ materially from such statements. Looking statements in this press release is provided only be the time of this release available, and Vanda accepts no obligation, forward-looking statements contained in this release because of new information, future events or otherwise unless this legally required to update any. Vanda Pharmaceuticals Inc.. Has been shown to with a response to treatment in a clinical study of new atypical antipsychotic Fiaptatm Associated.

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