Because of the progressive and rapidly fatal nature of cervical cancer in women who failed to cytotoxic treatment, enables the design of this study for a rapid assessment of effectiveness.

This study, the of ADXS11-001 was to evaluate the safety. Like all phase I trials, it was not powered for efficacy, no conclusions be made on the basis of of the small number of patients treated. But in this study, the median survival days and days and the 1 – year survival rate was 53 percent.. About Advaxis Phase I study of ADXS11-001ADXS11-001 is a live, attenuated Listeria vaccine the human the human papilloma virus oncoprotein E7. Recognized as a cause of cervical cancer and HPV E7 is one of the HPV proteins thought to be responsible. Cfu doses of 1×109, 3×109 and 1×1010 groups of five women who had failed prior therapy, including radiotherapy and chemotherapy can be administered. In such cases it has been found not be effective therapy and the median survival time is continued disease progression typically six months or less, depending on the treatment given.Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation 2005 Advisory Board Company and Kaiser Family Foundation, All rights reserved. – South Dakota Jack Billionhomes and Dennis Wiese, who both search of the Democratic nominated for South Dakota are governor where answer questions at South Dakota Public Broadcasting, ‘South Dakota Focus ‘local program ventilating each Thursday that topics and events to the country discussed that them does not a status ban on abortion was that the parliament to pass beginning of this year, to Associated Press reported in March signed into law a bill which abortion ban on country, other than to a pregnant woman that in delivery ‘derogations of life and health ‘a pregnant woman.