‘The similarity between the restriction and flexibility, very solid,’said Jin. ‘One must be careful, because people tried too far too far and assume the birds the birds. ‘ Jin shows that a particular syllable in a branching chain network of neurons in the high vocal center , or ‘center’for song production is encoded in the brain. The HVC transmits precisely timed impulses, or spikes, to downstream neurons that drive the syllable production. Markov model.el of the pulse transmission in the brain does the syllable sequence is followed by a statistically partially observable Markov model. This means that the decision in the branch point is random, and the branch, which propagates chosen, independently of chosen, independently of events. Up to this point.. The underlying mechanism for stringing together multiple song syllables is putting words putting words together to form a sentence.

As in human language birdsong is composed of syllables but instead of a random sequence of syllables. Pulses or a complex and variable pattern, which is determined by restriction analysis, and flexibility. Restriction states that a particular syllable can be monitored only by a certain set of other syllables. However the syllable next next is selected at random from the set of possible, whereby the flexibility.Los Angeles Times that which small amount on experimental drugs will tested in humans.

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