They found that the risk of venous thrombosis decreased with duration of use and decreasing estrogen dose. For the same dose of estrogen and the same length of use, oral contraceptives with levonorgestrel conferred a significantly lower risk of venous thrombosis than pills that other types of progestins get information .

A review of evidence-based information about all methods of contraception for women is currently published on damage effects of aging and mechanisms of caloric restriction Benefits In Humans LinkedRochelle Buffenstein, Professor, University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio and Luigi Fontana, Research Associate Professor, Washington University in St. Were as recipients of the breakthroughs in the Gerontology Award from the Glenn Foundation for Medical Research and the American Federation for Aging Research sponsored selected. Founded in 2005, the BIG award $ 200,000 grants for high risk, original research, promising to give conversion discoveries into the basic biology of aging offers. Buffenstein will investigate how regulation by the Nrf2 pathway-a major detoxification protected species such as the long-lived naked mole rat from cellular stress contributes to age-related diseases. The naked mole rat is the longest-lived rodent known, live 8.6 times longer than similar-sized mice, and maintains cancer – free, good health for more than 85 percent of its 30-year lifespan. His show tissues cellular resistance to most pollutants pronounced. Fontanantrast, most of the short-lived species, rather than ward off threats to their tissues, direct many of their resources in rapid growth and early reproduction and readily succumb to age-related diseases such as cancer. Understanding the mechanisms involved in this pathway provide critical insights into aging. Fontana tried to better understand caloric restriction , which has been shown to slow aging in certain. The precise molecular mechanisms responsible for this effect are not is known, but probably. The regulation of gene function Recent findings in individuals on long-term CR with adequate nutrition observed protection against diabetes, high blood pressure, inflammation, clogged arteries and deterioration of cardiac function with aging. This is consistent with long-term effects of CR in monkeys and rodents. However, little is known about the effects of long-term CR in humans on gene function changes in mediating some of the longevity results may be involved known. Fontana is, novel approach for theong-term CR study with adequate protein and micronutrient intake leads some of the same changes in gene function that have been in calorically restricted mice and monkeys shown. By elucidating the molecular mechanisms of action of CR in humans, can Dr. Fontana research potential biomarker of aging and longevity, the clinicians in predicting helping many age-associated diseases in humans might. – ‘We have the BIG award encourage scientists, in bolder research pursuits, at higher risk at higher risk, but the potential for greater reward offer in our understanding of the basic mechanisms that affect aging and age-related diseases involved created,’said Mark R. Collins, President of the Glenn Foundation for Medical Research. ‘Our hope is that these awards will lead to new insights into the molecular factors that coordinate aging in multiple cells and tissues,’he added. ‘The BIG Program, a novel approach for the Advancement of Science, the innovative thinking can can ultimately increase the probability that we all live ‘healthier reward for a much longer period, said Stephanie Lederman, executive director, American Federation for Aging Research.

The researchers also found that persons most of ready to take part in a screening studied examined from your personal medical and symptoms of cancer. Cancer screening campaigns should effect a change, wherever possible, and see that may be necessary for certain groups. – ‘It is important to overcome obstacles to certain population subgroups on the different types of cancers screenings identifies,’says lead author Nancy Kressin, director of Healthcare disparities in Research Unit at and associate professor in the section for Internal Medicine of Boston University School of Medicine. This of the value in understanding in the general attitude to the patients for cancer screenings is generally to label common barriers for future interventions. With this research, measures are being taken this vulnerable this vulnerable population so that we stages cancer at an early to treat when the disease has view more access treatment or cure of, ‘said Kressin.