From a simple blood DNA analysis, it is known that a gene FMR1 CGG trinucleotide, usually repeated 6-54 times in normal subjects. On the other hand, among premutated people, these repetitions appear 55 to 200 times, and in the mutated gene the mutated gene – that is, the suffering of the fragile X syndrome – appear more than 200 times and reached 1000 repetitions in some cases. Analysis analysis that none of the individuals with the fragile X mutation of Basque origin, although they had mental backwardness or autistic traits -.

Work, they are are unaware of teen workplace risksMost parents are unaware of the risks their could might face in the workplace and more to help them understand and prepare for these dangers, according a new study.The median duration %age difference seven of 40 types of bacteria measure was greater than 2 % salivary of overweight women. Analysis of saliva microbiological composition of revealed that 98.4 % of the of overweight women identified by the presence of a single bacterial species at levels greater than 1.05 % of the entire salivary bacteria. The analysis of these data suggest that. The composition of the salivary glands bacterial alterations in overweight women It seems to probable that these bacteria may serve as biological indicators of a developing overweight condition -.