Through time, there are already metastases in other organs, making it impossible that GIST tumors can be removed surgically. Furthermore, the other traditional cancer treatments – produce little success – chemotherapy and radiation. Since 2002, it has an effective treatment for GIST: Glivec. And so far this is the only means for the treatment of GIST was effective.. GIST: a specific form of gastrointestinal cancerGIST is a rare form of gastrointestinal cancer that strikes some 175 Belgians each year.

Scientific publicationThe research of the VIB scientists Peter MARYNEN group the journal the journal Gastroenterology, in the Annex (Debiec – Rychter et al, Gastro 2005 128:270-279 research funding – This. Work was made possible by financial support from VIB, the Catholic University of Leuven, the Belgian Federation Against Cancer, and the Flanders research Fund for Scientific Research. VIB.Down syndrome to during the first trimester, says trial.

Study details The researchers around Mr Fergal malonic of the Royal College of Surgeons in Dublin, led administration the first trimester ultrasonic and blood and the second trimenon quadruple blood testing more than 38,000 pregnant women in U.S. Researchers Next came the women to see which fetuses had Down syndrome, USA Today reports. Which $ 15 million, established eight-year studies, that the combination of of ultrasound and blood screening prod the first trimester identified 87 percent of fetuses with Down syndrome, compared to with a detection rate of 81 percent blood trial only the second trimester.