Improved therapies. Many new drugs are currently in development, said Professor Metra, the adenosine type 1 receptor antagonists to enhance the diuretic effect of furosemide and increase renal blood flow include, new vasodilators with different mechanisms of action and new inotropic order suhagra online . ‘Better treatment selection and the development of new agents give us the hope that we may finally be symptoms improve the symptoms and prognosis of such a large group of patients suffering from acute heart failure,’says Professor Metra. However, he also emphasized that urgent of the main recommendations of the key recommendations of the latest European guidelines.

Metra M. Acute heart failure: prognostic variablesEuropean Society of Cardiology, Heart Failure Association of the ESC , European Society of Intensive Care Medicine . ESC Guidelines for the diagnosis and treatment of acute and chronic heart failure the 2008th EUR J Heart Fail 2008; 10: 933-989.

This part of a range of research projects in connection with H1N1 influenza by NIHR Evaluation Trials and Studies Coordinating Centre , on behalf of the National Institute for Healthcare Research managed Lindsay Brooke University of Nottingham:. Source.

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Research will carried out of children and adults, because that children can not seem last longer on the virus. The study aims test the swab 25 to 30 children in hospital and an equal number in the community. Around 50 adults in hospital and at home is also be tested. Patients in hospital will identified by the hospital trusts to Nottingham, Leicester and Sheffield. The researchers are planning to recruit patients into the community about advertisements in the local press.