Known The authors analyzed changes in the expression of recently identified regulatory RNA molecules as microRNAs , in a cell line that cells, such as cells, such as bile duct cholangiocytes of PKC rats, a model of the known ARPKD. A specific miRNA caught her eye, ask. Expression was substantially reduced in these cells as compared to normal rats by cholangiocytes go to this link read more . A similar decrease miR15a levels in the liver in the liver tissue of rats, and PCK liver tissue from patients with either ADPKD, or ARPKD. Reduced miR15a expression was associated with increased amounts of cdc25A, a protein which promotes cell proliferation. Additional analysis of the effect of artificially increase or decrease the expression of PKC in miR15a cholangiocytes rats and normal rats respectively, the authors proposed that the suppression of miR15a contributes to the development of cysts in the liver finish by dysregulation of Cdc25A.

TITLE: MicroRNA15a modulates expression of the cell cycle regulator Cdc25A and affects hepatic cystogenesis in a rat model of polycystic kidney disease.

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