In a speech in the Senate Thursday, cited Grassley the case the University of Cincinnati, Melissa DelBello one, child psychiatrist , who made $ 180,000 in just two years from AstraZeneca for work on the antipsychotic Seroquel, which is now widely used in children (Harris, New York Times.

For example, a influential 2008 study on the prevention of cardiovascular disease used branded drugs, $ 1,022ed for the cost of lowering LDL – cholesterol at $ 83,327 per quality of life year , a financial measure which evaluates the impact of improving the quality of life estimate for patients with chronic diseases. Today would be recalculated for the same treatment with generic alternatives $ 17,084 per QALY or 20 % of the original estimate.The research labor benefited on which U.S. Air Force Academy, in a undergraduate level, present doing enormous child with autism say the researchers.