In an accompanying Comment, Charles H Turner , the question is whether this new theory about buckling failure is too simplistic, but welcomes the potential for more detailed assessment of the regional pattern of bone loss and targeted interventions to underused bone regions strengthening.

The thin cortical region of the upper neck of the femur essentially become thinner with age. In women, cortical thickness fell by 6? 4 percent per decade, and the critical load by 13? 2 percent per decade in the region most compressed by a sideways fall. Similar, but significantly smaller results were evident for men.The biggest increase is on lower and middle incomes, contributing to poverty and to a great hindrance to development and the attainment of Millennium Development Goals . That World Economic Forum 2010 Global Risks Report identifying NCDs the second most common grave threat to the global economic and an overall hazard equal cost to the current global crisis.. NCDs now the leading annual each year, 36,000,000 mortality the world What do in 2008 and accounting for 63 per cent of deaths. NCDs and discontinued half of all global disability, including blindness and amputations, magnificent heavy cost of disposing Family, health system, companies and economies.