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Secondly, the adaptation of some of the genes mammalian hosts allows a more efficient infection and transmission. Finally, these studies demonstrate that the pH1N1 and H9N2 influenza highly compatible highly compatible reassortment together. And these compatibility means that there is potential for the creation of a H9 influenza pandemic.. The new findings are important for several reasons, according to Perez. Ours is the first study that respiratory transmission of H9 reassortant virus in mammals without prior adaptation to show. This is important because a new virus must be able through the respiratory tract through the respiratory tract to affect the human population significantly.It is important that at the conditions which in some patients. To facilitate allow to beat .. Fifteen of years after surgery, 83 % of the happily married female were still alive, as against 28 five % of women in unhappy marriages and 27 per cent of unmarried women. Survival rate to Content husbands been well as 83 per cent but also not-so – happily married to performed well. Men in few – as a – unsatisfactory trade union enjoy a survival rate of 60 %, considerably better than the 36 per cent rate on unmarried men.