In laboratory tests, the researchers used the system to accurately control microbot through a mock blood vessel filled with water. The work, the researchers could be extended to accurate and efficient handling of a microbot in different organs of the human body, the central nervous system, urinary tract, eye, and others.

Research & Developmentand Integrity – 11 online sessions over five weeks, October 2011Pharma IQ has pioneered new compound management platform for discussion with the launch of the first compound management event – Compound Management and Integrity Online event, which will take a form innovative of 11 online sessions over 5 weeks starting 31st October 2011.QMS Everolimus is a from a number of FDA-cleared or – approved tests doctors can are using to checking and managing immunosuppressive agent levels, including tests for cyclosporine, tacrolimus and sirolimus oral. These assays, in conjunction with carefully monitored signs and symptoms of the rejection, tissues and other laboratory tests , increase which chance of successful graft and possible prolonging life a transplanted kidney.

Everolimus, marketed under the trade name Zortress is from the FDA April 2010 for the use after kidney transplants for adults patients who are authorized at low to moderate immunological risk.