In particular, Philips and Bard Electrophysiology Division are jointly develop ways to image guidance with mapping and analysis of complex arrhythmias integrate. At HRS, Philips and Bard will show the first result of this collaboration , a second – generation mapping, recording and navigation system, based on the EP recorder and X-ray system, the main instruments of the electrophysiologist.

With third party EP Professionals helps complex Interventional ProceduresWhatat the Heart Rhythm Society Annual Conference in Boston, Philips Healthcare, several new developments and updates announces should help, electrophysiology professionals simplify procedures, reduce costs and support sound decisions.Agreed that low back pain has on the increase’It makes us thinking about how to approximate backaches thought,’Martin said. ‘Chronic care models and clinical protocols and guidelines really are not of the XS the treatment for back pain. This kind of emphasizes that this might be is a real need. ‘.