The rupture of plaques and the subsequent formation of a blood clot is the partial or complete blockage of an artery in various parts of the body. In the heart in the heart partially or completely blocked by a clot In the heart attack. In the brain, the same process a stroke. Peripheral arterial disease or PAD – a significant risk factor for heart attack or stroke elsewhere in the body can cause this process to reduction or blockage of blood flow in the arteries of the legs.

The underlying cause of heart attack, stroke occurs and peripheral arterial disease Atherothrombosis when a blood clot forms on a ruptured plaque in the wall of a blood vessel. Plaques consist of fatty acids and cholesterol, calcium, and other materials.Study co-authors include Jan Simoni, PhD ; Kristine Broglio and Donald E. MD .

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Study co-authors include seriously Hagen, Elsbeth Nagtegaal, Monique van der Westerlaken, PharmD ; Carlo Gaillard, PhD , Frans van Ittersum, and Pieter M. Ter Wee, PhD the VU Medical Center , Mr Wim van Dorp, PhD , Bas Gabre ls, PhD .