In this notice, we will update the IPF PPS as specified in 42 CFR 412.428. The updates include the following:To the readers of the referenced sections to support information provided in this document, we have the following table of contents. Of 0.7 %age points This notice updates the prospective payment rates for Medicare inpatient services provided to the inpatient psychiatric facilities are available. These changes are applicable to IPF discharges from the fiscal year of 1 October 2012 until 30 September 2013.

* The FY 2008-based rehabilitation, psychiatry and Long Term Care basket update of 2.7 % with a 0.7 %age point reduction required by 1886 of the Act.Though view more information are needed to concluded see if PRO protects 2,000 women in HIV, the results of this trial encouraging, says NIAID principal Anthony S. MD – inscribed The phase II / IIb clinical trial, who more than 3,000 women, NIH first major clinical trial of a a microbicide. – One effective microbicide a valuable tool in a valuable tool, that women to HIV and substantially reduce significantly reduce could protected the number of new HIV infection worldwide, add, Fauci.

Roberta J. Director of Microbicide Research Branch in of the Department of AIDS, NIAID, said: ‘Though statistically significant protective effect has been observed, HPTN 035 succeed met his goal determining, either of the two candidates of microbicide was sufficiently promise for the in a greater stage III trial be considered. ‘.. HPTN 035 is the Microbicide Trials Network , an HIV / AIDS clinical trials network on by NIAID with co – funding from the Eunice Kennedy Shriver National Institute of Child Health and Human Development and National Institute carried out of Mental Health, all components of the the NIH.