‘.. The financing will be used to to develop a technology solution to power to continue an intelligent transportation system framework. The aim of the project is economically viable economically viable RFID solution for collecting and analyzing data on the traffic usage and capacity In turn corresponding increase in investment in the road infrastructure. In turn this technology could be used to be to manage traffic, making road delays and maturity, thus reducing emissions and dependency on fossil fuels. ‘may flow pacing traffic uniform commuting fossil fuel use fossil fuel use and emissions,’said Pankaj Sood, manager, ‘Managing existing road capacity more efficiently through intelligent transport systems is also much cheaper than the implementation of large infrastructure projects.

– asthma Polis: An intelligent inhaler providing real -time analysis of data for patients, doctors and public health administrators – David Van Sickle, co-founder and CEO, Asthma Polis.Generally in the form from human blood, iron deficient Retrieved from Bloodless Worm.

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