St. Ingbert Maturitystem cells can differentiate into 220 different types of body cells . The development of these cells can now be systematically observed and investigated with the help of two new machines conditions conditions in the human body in unprecedented detail.

New analysis from Frost & Sullivan, Strategic Analysis of the Kenyan Diabetes Market notes that the market earned revenues of $ 18 in 2006 and estimates this to achieve $ 26,000 in 2012 to reach. – ‘The anti-diabetic pharmaceutical market in Kenya benefit from greater access to health care, drastic changes in lifestyle and a growing middle class,’says Frost & Sullivan Research Analyst Lizelle Wentzel. ‘More Kenyans go to treatment and diagnosed with the disease. ‘.

The International Association for Dental Research will present in 2009 Young Investigator Award to Dr. Mo Kwan Kang, from from Los Angeles , the prize is at the IADR eighty seventh General Session & Exhibition in Miami, Florida will be 1st at the April 2009 presented. Kang associate professor, Department of endodontics and from UCLA School of Dentistry. He was a first student successfully a combined DDS / Ph.D. Programs at the UCLA , where he. Concluded in 2001 and supplemented his training as a specialist in endodontics in 2003 Kang examined the senescence processes in the normal human orally keratinocytes that. With an long-term goal of comprehension health and disease the human oral mucosal The aims of the current research, Dr. South the long-term phenotypic and genetic effects of of antiretroviral medicines on of human oral epithelial cell for patients to identify with human immunodeficiency virus . One further aim is to Oral B he has authored more than has written more than author out of therapy. Develop into relieve morbidity in human mucous membrane with anti – retroviral therapy.