Instead it explain, in the 1960s a Scottish conference voted on energy metabolism simply to 3/4 to 3/4 as the official representative . In 1997, was an elegant, though controversial, paper Geoffrey West and colleagues in Science, the derivation of 3/4 from first principles, on ideas about fractals in networks and the growing length of the tubes claimed published. Trouble is, her paper was divided mathematically It just did not work unfortunately , I showed that and published a paper4 with my advisor and a fellow student in 2001 , Dodds says. Also reanalyzed data from Kleiber and six other scientists and concluded that it. Little empirical evidence for rejecting 2/3 in favor of the 3/4 But we do not have a better theory, Dodds says, or a way to get clean up everything. .

Two-thirds or three-quarters?In order to understand the debate between 2/3 and 3/4, assume a spherical cow. This is what a physicist would do, she says, laughing. Basic geometry indicates that the surface of this difficult to milk creature as would square of the radius square of the radius, while the volume of the third power of the radius would increase. In other words, is the exponent now-famous of surface to volume describes 2/3.

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