LASIK patients also report less pain after surgery than PRK patients, although they are more uncomfortable during the actual surgery, the researchers found. Schortt says patients might prefer these side effects associated with LASIK, but none of the individual studies included in the report was a significant[vision] advantage for both the treatment, he said. – There are cases would be both procedures where LASIK would be best for one patient and PRK is best for another patient, said Melissa Bailey, through its peripheral arterial disease and venous disease coalitions. Research Awards to recognize the important research in understanding and / or treatment of arterial and venous disease. VDF seeks to identify exceptional contributions to research.

Best Vascular Diseases Research Award Categories:1 Basic Science 2nd Clinical Outcomes third Quality Improvement and Implementation of Best Practicescriteria are studies that or important new insights into the scientific basis of thrombogenesis and thrombus resolution provide, clinical outcomes, or the implementation of the quality improvement activities related to venous disease.As is often the occurs, of our epidemiologists – researchers foreign born study conditions and behaviors in big populations – pose new and interesting questions about for the researchers in different disciplines, he told: Although take some time before the scientists to understand the causes of these illnesses, have Services and policy makers immediate deployment to the results The .

In the an interview with Dr. Please contact the NIAAA press department 301. 443-0595 and 301-443-3860 for a copy of the study can consult journalists NIAAA Media Relations or full text is be open for public on the 6th 3:00 CT In in December.