Proposed link between obesity and the microbial communities in our guts by new research at Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis – link between obesity and the relative abundance of common microbes living in the gut. The results show that our good microbial biomarkers, mediators and potential therapeutic targets in the war against the global obesity epidemic.

Chronic lung disease is a major health problem, but – as the FIRS shows poll – his burden still be underestimated There is. The widespread ignorance not only about the severity of lung disease, but about what can be done to prevent it, since the around the world around the world the success of the world’s best athletes – the time is right the time is right to focus on that. As we all improve our lung health.The world TB Alliance is in cooperation with private and public partners, leads in developing the comprehensive portfolios of TB drug candidates currently in history. It offers more than two TB drug candidates in advanced clinical trials and 12 additional in the pipeline.

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