HDTI Commercial Development Director Guy Smallman said this project was an example of how the Institute could make a real difference to an up-and-coming companies in the assistive technologies sector. ‘Our entrance is directly to changes in the design of the bra has led in turn helped Adaptawear changes in accordance with the needs of the target group to integrate ‘, Mr Smallman said said. ‘We are here to help small and medium-sized enterprises to assist in the design of products and services that will greatly improve community health open this link here .

Adaptawear turned to HDTI, retailers. To test the bra on a sample of potential users and carers. ‘The research Coventry University has been the most valuable study that we have done so far,’said Kavita. ‘They tested the bra on half a dozen people, and got some great feedback. As a result, we have changed the design and develop areas that and and especially for women, even desirable. ‘ – CoreBra in eight sizes ‘to reflect the fact that weight gain weight gain was sick and very quickly ‘, and can be purchased directly from the Red Cross and other nationwide retailers. ‘We are pleased with the support we have received from the HDTI previously and are planning more projects with them in order to help our customers’ needs are understood to be excited,’added Kavita.

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