The HEPATOCHIP presented in the mentioned forum in collaboration with the in cooperation with the Department of Hepatology Services Hospital in Barcelona and Pr? ncipe de Asturias Hospital in Alcal? de Henares . This chip analyzes the co-expression of 85 NASH related to NASH and is about to be validated in cooperation with the Hepatology Service Gregorio Mara? N Hospital .

A team of researchers in the article published in World Journal of Gastroenterology addresses this question. The research team Dr. Dr. Rolv – Ole Lindsetmo and his colleagues at the University of Troms? in Norway.11.2 percent of study into public attitudes towards about Generic DrugsNTT Resonant, a provider a web-based questionnaire service named goo Research , has the state research about the use of generic, together with Mitsubishi Research Institute. Carried out from August 2 and 6 of, to research covering in total 2 192 surveyed.