###, News briefs from the journal Chestin 1966,led Crack the code for how gene expression ismolecular biologists, developmental biologists and computer scientists at the University of Helsinki, Finland, came together to controlled direction Crack the code, such as gene expression to promote. The results of this work are published in Cell in January 2006. The findings of the Finnish scientists have implications for the study of cancer, evolution, developmental biology and many other areas of biology. The work showed a potential mechanism explaining why many cancer genes are connected.

Researchers suspect that the complex drawing as a prognostic factor as a prognostic factor in COPD. This study appears in the December issue of the chest, the peer-reviewed journal of the American College of Chest Physicians.. On that patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease copying copy certain drawings in neuropsychological testing , have an increased mortality rate drawing skills to the associated mortality in patients with COPD. Italian researchers tracked 134 patients with stable COPD, age 68, for a median of 32 months.Once considered adult-onset diabetes, is it now diagnosed among teenagers, such as insulin-dependent type 1 diabetes, juvenile onset diabetes juvenile diabetes.. Another study , similar canagliflozin decreased A1C level and weight considerably more than Sanofi diabetes pills Amaryl is. J & J requests U.S. Approval its drug to be 29 This is global epidemic of obesity has caused a similar explosion out of diabetes cases -. Through 95 % is type 2 diabetic, usually with obesity and lack of exercise composed.

– Novo Nordisk reported on Friday the results of the degludec, his ultra – long-acting of insulin for patients in type 2 diabetes. Its years of, 1030-patient study in comparison degludec with Lantus Sanofi, the world’s top-selling insulin. Degludec reducing low blood sugars during night if it is most dangerous, 36 per cent and reduces severe hypoglycaemic episodes significantly insulin dependent Lantus. These problems have been low as every year for both groups from patients.