Profile Dr. Noela Whitby AM Chairman, National Asthma Council AustraliaDr Noela Whitby received her medical degree from the University of Queensland and holds postgraduate degree in Human Nutrition and Dermatology .It is the principle of multi – doctor general practice, founded in Brisbane for over 30 years, and in the training of in the training of medical students, GP registrar.

Assoc Prof Peter Wark has been appointed the National Asthma Council Australia and replaced Prof Wilson Thoracic Society of Australia and New Zealand representatives.The Centre of communicable diseases Dynamics will be headed by Marc Lipsitch, Phil, of Harvard School of Public Health Boston. To be the core research program is focussed on the modeling drug resistance, seasonal infectious disease and allocation assistance. His team will eng to integrate by health agencies across the world for public health knowledge of into the models and vice versa.

Alison Galvanized, out of of the School of Public Health Yale in New Haven, Connecticut, and Laurensberg Ancel Meyers, out of University of Texas at Austin developed new types people human perceptions and behaviors in relation to grippe and will be strategies of intervention for identifying to achieve the level of recognition and to identify likely to to minimize influenza illness occurring and mortality in In addition to these projects, MIDAS scholars have already had knowledge about the origin, infectivity of and that likely to propagation of the 2009 H1N1 virus publishes. These research builds on the MIDAS Programme , the ongoing focus on the modeling of pandemic flu.