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Important SafetyCommon side effects that were common in at least two % in RAPTIVA patients than in the placebo group, headache, infections , chills, nausea, pain, myalgia , flu syndrome, back pain and acne. Five of these events were predominantly acute side effects and were seen mostly after the first two injections of RAPTIVA. For the third and subsequent doses, the incidence of acute adverse events between the between the RAPTIVA and placebo groups. Vs. One % of the patients from treatment from treatment due to acute adverse reactions.MONUC does not evacuation out of wounded civilians made recently attacked fields reached reached via helicopter – areas that are inaccessible to humanitarian organizations. An example for this includes a case where Duru on 14 as a one – year-old child suffering gunshot wounds, not of MONUC to Dongu hospital transport for medical care, to journalist on board said helicopter.

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