Open-accesse launches 1.2 million euro project to improve communication European CancerAn initiative for cancer prevention, treatment and care in Europe through better communication within the cancer community today starts with the introduction a new website: the project will be those an interest an interest in cancer therapy, researchers and doctors to patients.

And guidelines is on issues concerning the communication and dissemination of cancer information across Europe, identify bottlenecks and suggest solutions. It will do this by:.. The principal investigator of Eurocancercoms is Professor Umberto Veronesi, scientific director of the European Institute of Oncology in Milan Professor Eggermont and Professor Gordon McVie manage the project, while Richard Sullivan, Professor at King’s.Venier and Hite report of the analysis of flame retardants the blood out of 17 dogs, View all of them first and foremost live in the house. Addition samples analyzed of the dry dog foods, from which the animals ‘ dieting and seeks to determine whether was food a key source of PBDEs exposure of. Venier,The average concentration of PBDE in the blood of the dogs was for about 2 nanograms per gram, about five to 10 times higher than the found into the people during the few studies on human exposure that have been conducted in North America.