Repellents – Follow the instructions on the label when applying repellents permethrin repellents are only for clothes – not for application on the skin – avoid use of repellents to the Contact with the eyes, lips and nasal mucosa Use concentrations of less than 10 % when applying DEET – containing products on children. Apply DEET repellent on arms, legs and other exposed areas, but never under clothing. Upon return indoors, wash treated skin with soap and water. – Citronella candles and repellents containing citronella can help, but their range is limited. Herbs such as cedar, geranium, lavender, cinnamon and garlic are not very effective..

Personal protective equipment, clothing and aromaticsless heat, thus less attractive to mosquitoes mosquitoes are more attracted to dark colors. If possible, wear long sleeves and long pants. Avoid perfumes, cologne, scented hair sprays, lotions and soaps, the mosquitoes. Tighten.Over from the Scientific – Investigations have been checked in this study made a number of sources, such as PubMed, by the U.S. And a final post of chromium effect on blood sugar control of identified. A total of 1,690 people, including 1,505 receive picolinate, in these studies. Twelve of the 15 research Been RCTs and three open-label studies. Of chromium picolinate doses of handed from 200-1000 mcg of chromium per day, and the length of supplements extends from a week to 10 months.