– GE proud to be the first technology to improve the potential fundamentally as disease is diagnosed, monitored and understood has to offer said Jim Davis, General Manager of Global MR, GE Healthcare. MR-Touch is a clear reflection of our healthymagination vision and underscores the importance of breakthrough innovation for providing the highest in patient care. .. Recently FDA, MR-Touch is a certified healthymagination product and has been validated by third parties in order to reduce the cost and quality of health care.

Introduces New Device To Detect tissue stiffnessGE Healthcare today MR-Touch, visual measure sampling technology, which uses low-frequency sound waves in combination with MRI tissue elasticity. For centuries, clinicians have evaluated tissue stiffness – the physical property of the tissue most affected by disease by palpation. Based on technology invented at Mayo Clinic and licensed to GE Healthcare MR Touch extends the principles of palpation with a precise, non-invasive, cost-effective way to evaluate tissue stiffness..– ‘Dr. Wang has been chosen because his work not only exposed to some fundamental process underlying all animals, but also because there provides new ways of the treatment of cancer,’said Dr. ‘He discovered the balance between the cell that is born, and cells dying, to balance has key – where enough cells are disrupted, you get cancer; when too much, They age, Dr. Wang work significant insight into the significant insight into the available to.